Street Car

Name: StreetCar

Client: StreetCar

Service: DESIGN

Team: Denis Kabanov, Ilya Burakov, Kirill Tsyganyk

Mobile application for the first car sharing service in Russia. Members can find the nearest car and book it, make a schedule for a day, week or month. It is possible to find the nearest free car and control your booking via the app.

About service

In Russia car sharing is known as service of short-term car rentals. The user takes a car at one place and leaves it at the destination point. These projects aim to be a more comfortable alternative to public transport, but in reality they compete with taxi, the service of which is cheaper and less risky (the user does not drive). STREETCAR is intended to replace personal vehicles: members take a car near their house and return to its original position. Due to this, the company reduces the costs that arise because of the uneven distribution of vehicles in the city and provides access to the car for everyone. And most importantly, this model embodies the essence of car sharing - sharing a car.


We have studied the existing car booking process both from the client’s side and from the company manager’s, seen into the logic of the reservation system in order to understand all the possibilities and limitations. After gathering the necessary information we have formed user stories.

Car selection

Loyal customer can book a car in three touches. By default the application suggests the user the nearest free car. It can be chosen from the list or from the map. The possibility of filtering by areas of the city, type of vehicle, the cost of an hour is implemented. If desired, the user can plan their travel schedule for a week ahead.

01. Car selection screen
02. Cars on a map
03. Booking a car
04. Confirmation


After the booking confirmation, the user can view the location of the car on a map and get directions to it, if necessary. Car opening does not require any keys or a club card - just press the button in the mobile app. It is possible to cancel the booking or change reservation time.

05. Booking screen
06. Get the direction
07. Ride screen
08. Ride is over

Promo codes

To attract more customers, the system of promo codes has been created, which allowed users to share these codes with their friends and acquaintances. Promotional code gives a user one free trip. The promoters of the company handed out brochures with promotional codes at various events and in public places. In addition, the company is giving codes for performing certain actions within co-branded advertising campaigns.

09. Getting the promo code
10. Entering the promo code
11. Citibank promo
12. Joining the club

User profile

On the profile screen, the user sees the total number of driven kilometres. Accumulated kilometres allow to receive free rides, as well as other bonuses from the company. Here the user can make a schedule if he or she uses a car often, add a bank card for payment and change the security settings.

12. Profile screen
13. Schedule screen
14. Adding the credit card
15. Security screen

METAVERA Integration

To manage the reservation system, GPS tracking and monitoring access to the car the solution of Metavera company is used. Cars are equipped with special devices that are connected to the Internet. These devices allow to track the location, as well as reservation data and the condition of an auto (users answer questions on the device before the ride).


Service development

Currently, the service is not available to users due to the restructuration. The company had faced the large number of irresponsible drivers who often got in an accident. The specifics of the business does not allow to insure cars comprehensively, as the cost of the ride becomes uncompetitive. Right now we are working on a new concept of service: implementation telematics and gamification. Now the application independently monitors speed and location, as well as the nature of the drive with the help of accelerometer and gyroscope. Club members earn points and "levels" depending on their accuracy. Beginners are allowed to drive only the most ordinary cars. If desired, they can take the car a class above, but with additional charge for the submitting the insurance. As the client accumulates points for neat driving choice of cars becomes wider, also different bonuses are available such as cancel reservations without penalty, free kilometers and suchlike.

17. Car selectiong
18. Renting a car
19. Profile screen
20. Invitation screen

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