VK Fest

VKontakte fest

Name: VKontakte fest

Client: VKontakte


Team: Alexander Silantyev, Stepan Frankovskiy, Arkadiy Kazanov

Full-cycle production of VK Festival video report: from writing the script and drawing storyboard to editing and color correction of the ultimate video.

What is VK Fest?

VK Fest is an annual Open Air gathering social network users, the largest communities, popular bloggers, favorite artists and VK celebrities.

On 16-17 July 2016 the second VK fest was held. In 2015 the festival attracted 50,000 visitors, 350 participants in 17 thematic areas, more than 40 artists on three music stages and 700 thousand people in the Internet community of the event.

VK and Radio Record created a festival with unprecedented scale. In 2 days over 70 thousand people visited the festival. On the territory, equal to 42 football fields, 400 interactive sites were built. 40 artists, 70 bloggers and speakers performed on 15 stages. More than 5000 people worked on the creation of VK Fest! 33 hours and a half - that’s the exact time you’d need in case of spending at least 5 minutes at each site.


Our main goal was to produce a video report with a particular storyline depicting the atmoshpere and diversity of VK Fest.

Goal 01

Work out the storyline in accordance with the target audience interests

Goal 02

Reveal the most interesting areas and events

Goal 03

Implement the video report within the confines of aftermovie


VK Fest is aimed to reach wide audience - modern urban residents, for whom the use of the Internet and other new technologies has become everyday practice.


There was an interesting area for each member of the family. The youngest visitors spent their time in the playgrounds, communicating with peers. Teenagers were mostly interested in zones of active leisure and computer games, as well as bloggers’ perfomances. Women were offered the venues "Fashion and Beauty" and "Art" and all kinds of cooking classes.


Fans of video games and technologies were offered appropriate platforms where they could plunge into virtual reality, use a robotic arm, print items with the 3D-printer and use other technical innovations.


For sophisticated part of audience there were such areas as "Art" and “Lectures”. There were different lectures, master classes and performances of prominent people of art, directors of educational programs, journalists, theater and film actors. In addition, photo exhibitions, film screenings and art installations of various museums were organized.


VK Fest for the second year in a row produces several aftermovies. This year, three teams worked during the festival.

Official aftermovie by Radio Record
Video report by ITMO University


We didn’t restrict ourselves to writing the only one version of a script concept, and worked out the number of possible embodiments of the video. After analyzing the audience expectations we have selected the most successful of the concepts and went ahead with its development and improvement.

Possible script concepts

In order to solve the problem we came up with the plot describing how-they-met story of a girl and a young man at the VK Fest.

About love

Two storylines of two main characters who were strangers - a young man and a girl turned out to be the festival visitors. They cross each other in the thematic areas, explore the festival and eventually fall with each other.

About friends

Several young people are hanging around at the festival and attend the thematic places. At the end of the festival they become friends.

About geeks

The first-person narrative of a young man who came to the fest for the first time. He actively takes part in different events and meets VK celebrities. In the end, he gets a chance to appear before the footlights with his favourite performer.

Final script version

Nevertheless, in the final version of the script we gave up the global story and focused on the main heroine - through her image we show the all the edges of the festival. The romantic story is also present: at the end of the VK Fest a hero meets her love.

Locations elaboration

The key points of occasions where we shoot the scenes were highlighted on the basis of the calendar and festival regulations. The shooting schedule was based on this selection, so we could send a film crew to the right place at the right time.

fashion and beauty


After writing and approving the concept we announced the casting to find the main character of the video. About 20 applications were submitted and we chose the most appropriate contender.

Film Crew

The film team consisted of a producer, director, three operators and a logistics manager. Areas of responsibility were divided as follows:


Project plan creating, casting organization.


Guiding the shooting team and the whole process, operative adaptation of the script.

Director of photography

Managing group of operators, working on the visual concept.

Second cameraman

Shooting with the second camera the key scenes (close-ups and extreme close-ups), filming additional material on the thematic areas of the festival.

Quadcopter pilot

Aerial filming in the territory of the the park.

Logistics manager

Equipment delivery to the place of shooting.


Sony a7S II

An advanced mirrorless camera with high quality, great features and compact size.

Sony a6300

The younger brother of a7SII which allows to increase the focal length of the lens. It was used for close-ups with high speed of frame recording.

Quadcopter DJI Phantom 3

Compact, lightweight, fast, with high quality of video which is recorded in up to 4K format.

3-axis stabiliser DJI Ronin

Made it possible to produce really smooth shots of “tracking the heroine” and walking through the narrow tracks of the festival.


Scene of the city. People are deep in their worries, indifferent to everything around, at the same time our hero is already charged with positive and ready to have fun, run away from the bustle of the city.

Acquaintance with the fest

It begins with the entrance and the central alley.

Then there are some bright cutaways. Character approaches the signpost where her journey begins.


Delicious traditional storyboard of cooking burgers - the king of all street food. But the girl preferred the fruity soft drink.


This area was one of the largest on the festival: clothes, beauty, masterclasses and lectures. The main character attends cosmetology area and outwalk.

Extreme zone

Our hero supports fearless guys doing stunts on ramps.

Bullet time

An exciting interactive area with Bullet Time technology. Hero has tested it successfully.


Mod, dynamic shots which reflect the diversity of the festival: leisure, cosplay, computer games, meeting with bloggers.

Musical episode

Artists, show, behind the scenes. The heroine does not lose time and yearns for adventure, she sneaks backstage, catches artists and makes selfie to show off to friends in Instagram.


The culminating part of the video. The sun sets behind the horizon, creating a warm, summer sunset, which gives even more romantic atmosphere to the festival. The heroine sits on the shore of the bay, admiring the view, here comes a message from a guy she met through the VK. And they're holding hands, watching fireworks under the bright performances of famous artists.

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