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Hookah Places

Name: Уникальные Кальянные

Client: Unique Hookah Places


Team: Ilya Burakov, Kirill Tsyganyuk, Victor Gnedin, Roman Zolotarev, Tatiana Grebneva, Richard Voronin, Sergey Korobov, Maxim Indykov, Pavel Tretyakov, Denis Ochirov

Making the product for federal network of hookah places on a turnkey basis: from the development of 150-page digital-branding to design of a gamificated personal account for staff and visitors.


Formating the brand perception in the human mind is a complex process that depends on many factors, one of which is broadcasting the values of the brand. We have identified six core values of the ideology of "Unique Hookah" that determine the direction of the project. They have a direct impact on the communication between the client and the brand.


"Unique Hookah" hold dear their reputation, which cornerstone is the honesty. There is no benefit that can make us deceive the client or host people who have lost their face.


By focusing entirely on development of the current state it is easy to forget about innovations. We will always delight you with innovations, but their integration will occur causing no harm to comfort and traditional values.


We appreciate the professionalism in all its ways. This requirement applies to all institutions and employees of the network. Besides, "Unique Hookah" are particularly pleased to host professionals.


It is difficult to imagine warm and long-term relations between two sides without loyalty to each other. We are focused precisely on this type of relationship and loyalty will always be rewarded in our walls.

Desire to improve

The lack of development is a stagnation, but on the condition that the world is moving forward, the stagnation turns into degradation. We believe that continuous development and optimization should be an essential attribute of any business.


The ultimate goal of “Unique Hookah" is not an income, but creating a community of like-minded people eager to share their experience, work, socialize and spend time together.

The essence of the brand

The essence of the brand is its core, the very paradigm of characteristics that define the company and distinguish it from a huge list of other brands.

Principles of the brand in the market

Brand promise is the message we want to pass to our clients. They should clearly understand why it’s worth choosing our brand and what specific benefits they can get from interaction with it. Picking out the qualities that distinguish us from our competitors is necessary to pass our principles.

Rule of 5 minutes

We value our reputation and strive for service always remaining at a high level. Rule of five minutes says: "If, within 5 minutes after the hookah is served, the customer is not satisfied and he express doubts about the quality, then a hookah needs to be replaced."

Individual approach

Individual approach is an indicator of the level of service. Hookah man has to be both a good listener and a great storyteller. The first quality will help him to learn about the client's individual preferences, which will create a unique atmosphere.

Relationship with customers

Client is not just a faceless guest. It should be understood that each guest has its own personality and attitude to them should be appropriate. You can just talk and discuss relevant topics with a client, to find out their point of view on some issues.

Comfort with benefit

Visitors of “Unique Hookah " are young and creative entrepreneurs. (Rest in our places) allows them to make new useful contacts. Therefore, our spaces should be suitable for business meetings.

The target audience

The target audience of “Unique Hookah places” are entrepreneurs who create value, are focused on themselves and on their needs. Do not take entrepreneurs for businessmen. Businessmen use resources for a living. They invest in companies, but do not create them. They consume products and services to upgrade their social level, but not on the basis of needs. Unlike businessmen, entrepreneurs are inherently creative, active and well-off, but they take luxury easy and do not want to compete with those who are directly depends on it.


25 - 35



Monthly income:

Above average

Personality traits:

Extraverts, opinion leaders

Social level:

Has a property in a prestigious area, as well as own handy car

Marital status:

Most in the serious relationship, may have a family

Written communication

The brand is born in the minds of the people and its perception depends on many factors. One of the most effective ways to connect the brand and the audience is written communication, but its effectiveness depends on the quality of materials and well-thought-out content strategy. In addition, the text should be recognized that’s why it must have its unique style. It is important to understand that even small details can affect the brand image.

The face of the brand

The logo embodies the idea that implicitly there is a community of people who share a hookah ritual. The brand name is its important part of the overall brand image.

This part is devoted to a detailed description of the use of the logo of ”Unique Hookah places.” Here we’ll describe the principles of construction of the logo, the logo versions and their compatibility with different colors, view when you can not use the brand name, as well as introduce other important things concerning the use of the logo when working with the brand.

How to use

Bright Colored
Dark Blue
Light Colored

How not to use


Do not change the orientation of the logo (symbol rotate, change the position of text, and so on).


Do not compress the logo on the width or height.


Do not change the size of the logo elements.


Do not place the logo on a substrate.


Do not add the logo stroke.


Do not use the sign and the text individually.


Do not use third-party colors in logo.


Do not add any elements to the logo.


Do ​​not insert a photo in logo.

Brand colors

Corporate colors are an essential part of the formation of the brand visual perception by the consumer. They are used in the creation of illustrations, visual design media and all other elements that use color. Of course, the wrong use of colors can lead to the creation of an incorrect image of the brand itself in the minds of visitors.



RGB: 238, 169, 60

CMYK: 4, 32, 85, 0


HEX: #272A33

RGB: 39, 42, 51

CMYK: 87, 39, 51, 54


HEX: #666E75

RGB: 102, 110, 117

CMYK: 60, 50, 41, 11



RGB: 255, 255, 255

CMYK: 0, 0,0, 0

Combinations of colors



Designing materials grotesque and solid Bebas Neue with modern antiqua Lora is used in headlines. The first headset underlines the explosive nature of the title, and the second provides a reference to historical values. For text Open Sans is used, which is one of the easiest to read headsets.

The modular grid

There is a huge amount of media and the unity of the visual design may be lost. The modular grid is present everywhere and defines the unity of the construction, not allowing to break the visual style. Therefore, the graphic elements used grid constructed from Marcus Gard method.This method of the construction is based on the width and height of the medium, it is suitable for any format. The very content area is divided into modular units, the number of which is equal to the first Fibonacci numbers. The size and number of blocks are determined by leading of typesetting font.


The style of illustrations is based on Masonic engravings and images relating to the period of the late Middle Ages. Images are contoured, minimalistic and adapted for nowadays. Illustrations can be used not only as graphical, but also as semantic elements that can serve as a basis for writing stories that complement the image of the brand, as well as to act as a component for the creation the blazon for our institutions.

The unique design

The important concept of our brand is a unique design of institutions. In this chapter you will get acquainted with the specifics of the creation the individual characteristics of each particular institution.

The components of the coat of arms

Historic discipline of heraldry studies traditions and practices in the use and design of coats of arms . Based on its concepts from the entire array of components we selected 5 major ones: helmet, escutcheon, motto, shield holders and armorial bearings.

Examples of institutions emblems.

Here is some examples of institution emblems created with constructor.

Unique hookah «Kraft»

Nizhny Novgorod

Unique hookah «Academ»

St. Petersburg

Unique hookah «Clouds»


Unique hookah «Hall of unity»


Unique hookah «Reserve»


Unique hookah «Twilight»

St. Petersburg

Patterns in branding

In addition to the emblem, each separate hookah place has its own pattern. For the stylistic unity, we use one pattern structure for all of hookah places, but it’s filled with different visual elements to unify the individual institution. As the visual elements we use heraldic figure and heraldic helmet, which is located in the coat of arms of a place, as well as one of the special backgrounds.

Pattern is the set repeating elements which forms a common visual picture and is perceived as a organic whole. The chart patterns form tracery which is found in ancient life and culture of many peoples.

Designing patterns

We use a heraldic figure, helmet and the background as visual elements while constructing a pattern.

Selecting the background pattern

The background pattern is selected arbitrarily from the represented set, it is not connected with the arms.

Adding heraldic figures

Heraldic figure is selected for the use in the pattern and then placed at the vertices of a rhomb.

Adding heraldic helmet

Heraldic helmet, used in the coat of arms, is placed in the center of the rhomb.

Unique Colors

Alongside with the corporate colors of the brand, each hookah place design has its own unique color. Color has really strong influence on the perception and memorization of identity.

Interior Design

Interior concept, as the whole visual brand identity, is built on the contrast and fine details. White ceiling and walls with dark and black furniture set the foundation. And a variety of branded materials such as cushions, tables, cups and other emphasize individuality.

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