Team: Ilya Burakov, Kirill Tsyganyk, Ilya Nemov, Denis Kabanov, Vladimir Popov, Maxim Borisyuk

Social network for fans of parties and get-togethers, habitues of the city saloons and other lovers of night life. The project is based on the mechanics of alco-tracker with social functionality added. The mobile application allows you to keep a history of their parties, noting the variety and quantity of alcohol drunk, to share experiences with friends and search for like-minded people.


One of the essential conditions for the launch of the high-quality project is understanding of the situation on the target consumer market. Therefore, for a deeper dive into the functioning of the market of alcoholic drinks in Russia and the West, our team held our own R&D and investigated the consumers behavior, the business needs and requirements. In addition, we examined the current legislation concerning advertising of alcoholic beverages in Russia and abroad, we found some ways to promote the product in legal and at the same time the most effective way.

Target audience

The use of smartphones in bars has become so widespread and commonplace that in distant 2013 in the Brazilian St Pauli "offline beer-glasses" appeared, designed to stop the penetration of digital era in the bar culture. After a research of the market of alcoholic beverages consumers, we made portraits of our users.

Big companies, 19-25 years old

Young people with the social and active lifestyle. Basically alcohol is consume by big companies within the bars. The preference is given to strong alcoholic drinks and cocktails based on them. Spending leisure time is closely related to social networks, which are used to expand the list of friends and the following joint pastime.

Male, 23-29 years old

Men who have an income above average. They visit the bars, restaurants, parties regularly. They prefer whiskey, less often brandy and wine. Social networks are an integral part of everyday life. This category of users is constantly visiting new places, regularly goes to theatres, galleries and concerts.

Young men and women, 20-26 years old

Men and women who consume alcohol in homelike atmosphere. For example, watching movies and sporting events, playing card and board games, outdoor picnics, trips to the countryside. This category of users prefer beer, wine and whiskey.

Preferences of alcohol beverages

According to the Russian Public Opinion Research Center in 2010 the most popular alcoholic drinks in modern Russia are beer, wine and vodka. The most sought-after drink is traditionally beer - with some frequency it is consumed by more than a third of Russians (36%).


Nowadays modern people daily interacts with two huge areas: digital and HoReCa. Proof of this is the growing number of restaurants, bars and other saloons of all kinds. Our solution is designed to make leisure activities more convenient and enjoyable, using the power of technology.


Alcomath has been already uploaded to App Store. All the basic functional of (alco-tracker) is implemented such as statistics of alcohol consumed and the number of hours of remaining alcohol intoxication.


The next step is to add quests within the application and other social mechanics. For advertisers it is planned to implement advertising broadcast system and the creation of CMS.


Further, there will be loyalty system Alcocard. Ordered drinks and bonuses will automatically be credited to the club card. This will help to keep existing customers and to open another channel of promotion - branded parties and promotions.

UX and UI

After the completion of Research & Development we began studying and analyzing already implemented design concepts of mobile applications (Design Research). After reviewing the best practices, we started to design our own interface to achieve maximum level of comfort, clarity and consistency in terms of usability. We have worked out user stories, taking into account the data obtained after the design research, and after that proceed directly to the prototyping of user interface (placement of elements on the screen, the definition of transitions and interactions). Subsequently custom scripts will be used to compile sales funnel and (logic of Push API).

Visual Concept

Upon completion of works on prototyping the interaction we have moved to the elaboration of a visual concept that describes the style and nature of the application, and at the same time meets the expectations and needs of the target audience. We carefully honed all the components so that each launch of the application found an echo in the hearts of users.


Corporate colors are one of the foundations of visual perception of the brand by the consumer. They are used in the creation of illustrations, visual design media and all the other elements that use color.


The color is perfect for the target audience of users - the saloon’s habitues. As practice shows, lighting conditions there are often far from comfortable ones.


Text colour is pretty contrast for the main places of application use. Increasing the brightness of the screen is not a cure-all.


We chose Open Sans for its restraint, neutrality and readability on mobile applications.

Main Screen

The start screen shows the current stage of user’s drunkenness. The scale displays the calculated amount of alcohol in the blood, expressed in ppm. On the basis of these data, the app calculates the time needed to reach a state of complete sobriety which agrees with current legislation concerning driving the car. The button "Add Alcohol" is used to update the counters: the money spent, liters drunk and duration being up the pole. Drunkenness stage varies in accordance with the added beverages.

09. Splashscreen
10. Main screen
11. Adding the alcohol
12. Adding the alcohol

Beverage icons

In order to make user interaction more familiar with reality we have drawn 14 unique icons (9 for each type of alcohol and 5 for menu items) which replicate features of drinks in real life.


The curve of time-ppm reflects the ongoing dynamics of party evolution in time. General meter reflects the total amount of data on money spent, drunk liters of alcohol, total time of drunkennes. Parties statistics has two display modes: per day and week. The diagrams below the counter reflect the user's preferences on the types and volumes of consumed drinks.

13. About the drink
14. About the drink
15. Drunk within a day
16. Drunk within a week


The map shows pins with the users locations of the with an indication of the current level of drunkennes. You can switch between the list of potential friends and a list of events taking place. On the next stage friends functionality and ability to communicate within the application will be added.

17. Map
18. Users
19. User pin
20. Promos on the map


Alcomath is an extremely effective platform for advertising campaigns of brands and institutions that have a direct interest in increasing the number of their customers. Information about promotions, events and brands special projects can be placed in the form of pins on a map and advertisement banners. Using Alcomath, you can create an effective and productive channel of alcohol advertising, combining BTL and digital.

21. Brand
22. Brand event
23. Saloon event
24. Saloon promo

Quests in the application

Recent studies and specific case studies show an increase in the popularity of this type of spending leisure time and the effectiveness of this advertising channel. We offer the mechanics of quests within the application: visit certain bars on a given route, order offered drinks or perform scheduled tasks. Players compete with friends. For completing a quest the player gains experience, achievements (custom statuses, unique drinks) and real bonuses, which can be spent in participating bars, restaurants and clubs.

25. Quest in a bar
26. Recieving a prize
27. Notification
28. Quest complete


The user can indicate their physical parameters such as gender, age, weight, frequency of alcohol consumption, Besides, there is a possibility to change the profile picture, restore the password and turn off their pin on a map.

29. Menu
30. Profile
31. Settings
32. Login screen

Sign In / Sign Up

To sign in or sign up can be used e-mail or Facebook/ Twitter/ VK account.

33. Sign up screen
34. Login with VK
35. Forgot the password
36. New password

Further development

In the next iteration we plan to introduce described social, game and social mechanics such as chats, adding friends, quests, achievements and awards, promosand loyalty system. To cover larger audience we plan to release a version of the app for Android and begin to implement a marketing strategy: content creation, seeding and buying traffic, starting close cooperation with alcohol brands and launching large-scale connection between ALCOMATH and interested shops and bars.

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